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Oct. 17th, 2011

ianto leaving

You Are So Vain

Disclaimer: As always not mine…

You Are So Vain

You walked in to the party like you were walking onto a yacht. You had one eye in the mirror, as you watched yourself gavotte. And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner They'd be your partner you are so vain I bet you think this song is about you

His hands were sweating, almost shaking with anticipation, his hearth jump every time some new arrived. He looked at his watched one more time barely a minute had passed since the last time he had looked. His cup of tea was getting cold, and had to be refilled any time soon, he dreaded calling the waiter; he would obviously approach and state the obvious. He had been stood up. He could not help but smile at himself, he was being dramatic, probably something had come up, they were Torchwood after all, and the world always found a way to get in to trouble. He looked at his watch again praying it had passed more than a minute. All right now he was being ridiculous, he gave a sight and saw the waiter moving towards him, the inevitable was coming, and he had to take it with a smiling face.

“Would you like more tea, Sir or perhaps you are ready to see the menu?”

“Just the tea, thank you I will wait until my party gets here to order.”

“Very well Sir, may I offer some appetizer then?” –

God, please just go and let me and my misery be. He could not help to think. He saw the waiter approach another and laugh, they would probably betting on him by now, his pride fall to the floor, and now more than ever he hope his phone would rang with a call from work. He was now definitely going Weevil hunting he needed something to lay his rage on. He was so going to pay for this; he was going to make his life miserable starting tomorrow he would learn what hell was like. He was going to come with a very good excuse for this, what was he thinking no excuse would be enough. He was done with him, over, finite, no more opportunities after this. He looked at the cup of tea that seem to mock him, daring him to get up and leave, throwing the napkin on the table he stood up, while turning to get his jacket only to find himself face to face with him.

“Jack I am so sorry. My car broke down just after leaving the apartment, started raining, I could not find a cab, and I could not call you cuz you turn off your phone. Did I make you wait long?”

“Nah, I just got here too…” -He could not help but smile, he was sure Ianto would never lie to him, and he had turn off his phone as soon as he entered the restaurant. –“I ordered tea and appetizers.”


Author’s Note: Unbeta so please forgive the mistakes.


Jul. 15th, 2011

ianto leaving

Si Deus Me Relinquit

Disclaimer: As always not mine.

Si Deus Me Relinquit



He awoke then, the cold floor on his back, and yet it did not feel that cold in comparison of his body. He stayed there with his eyes closed, listening to the beating of his heart, however only silence came. He felt it on top of him, a warm hand touching his chest, still with his eyes closed; he traced the hand with his own. He knew these hands anywhere, he had caress and kiss those hands so many times. He slowly opened his eyes, and found a smiling face on the other end.

“Hello Jack.”


“I told you I will be there every time you died… Didn’t I?”

Jack nodded, and closed his eyes again. He could feel the warm breath against his face, soft lips brushing against his, moving his face forward, his heart beating with anticipation. He opened his eyes suddenly, afraid.

“It is alright…” –Said Ianto still smiling caressing the shape of his face. –“You are gonna wake up now.”

“But I don’t want to…” –He said small tears begging to came out, a steady beat reminding him of his present situation.

“Shih…” –Ianto pressed his lips against Jack’s in a soft kiss, so unlike them. –“I will be here waiting, until is your time.” -Heart beating, again and again.

He woke up, he could hear the others surrounding him, the noise of the music had stop, and the floor was cold and wet with something that smell like beer. He remember then, and put his hand on the chest, he felt the blood sticking on to his fingers, putting a hand on the ground he got up. His eyes blink against the fluorescent light, taking the weapon out of his wound he look at it, it looked weird, dam those new weapons when would humans learn to live in harmony. The wound started to closed and pulling his hand inside the coat he found out he had been robbed, great now he had to found somewhere to sleep without money.


Author’s Note: Dedicated to my own Jack Harkness (My Pervertido) because no matter what happens I know I can trust you, and I will always be waiting no matter how long.

Apr. 11th, 2011

ianto leaving

(no subject)

Disclaimer: They are not mine, yadda, yadda, yadda… You know the rules.


Eat Me

All I want to do is touch you. You want to touch me too! Every way, and when they set me free our love is the perfect crimeJust put your hands on me.

Jack had overlooked at first, it had take it as a practical joke from Ianto, not being a man of sweets he told himself that maybe Ianto had bought it for himself and later just forgotten the pastry on the conference room. After five minutes and the pastry still in the middle of the conference table, he started to wonder if Ianto had indeed forgotten about it, and if he did, why had not Owen eat it yet. After a whole new minute that pastry seem to call him in, or more likely lure him in with  his brilliant colors. It was a muffin indeed but adorned is such an unrealistic way he had only seen in the cartoons when the coyote is trying to catch the roadrunner. It had a little note made with purple icing, “Eat Me.” It was more a command than an statement for some reason he could not take his eyes off it, maybe if he just take a small pinch of it Ianto would not notice, or even better why do not ask Ianto if he could share.

As said before, he did not like sweets that much but yet this muffin was mocking him daring him, he pick it up just so he could go and tell Ianto, and that was his mistake the muffin seem overpower him demanding, and he had to take a bit. It taste so good  chocolate cake with a raspberry filling, not so sweet that hurts your stomach, but delicious that makes you feel like crying when is over. He then look at the wrap on his sticky hands, and he feel bad but because he had eat it but because there was no more. He started putting together the perfect apology for Ianto when he saw the man walking outside his office with a small pastry box on his hands, he was about to call him when Owen interrupt saying he was taking Toshiko home. After that, distraction had past and with the solo though that maybe Ianto had more of the little muffins, he almost bumped in to Gwen on his way to his office. He founded then lying in top of his desk on top of the forgotten paperwork he had to file before morning. The words “Eat Me,” now in vivacious red color daring him, he was about to call for Ianto when he saw the note.

“I am done with my work. Perhaps Later.”

                                    I J.

He stopped thinking taking the little muffin on his hands and remaining himself not to eat it so fast this time, he took his coat and walk out his office.

“Gwen! –He yelled –“Thank God I caught you!”

“Jack I was just about leaving, do you still need me?” –She looked at him with promising eyes, those who say, “I am ready to whatever you ask.”

“Do you have something important to do tonight?” Her eyes sparkle at the question while saying no with her head. –“Good… I have to go to Ianto’s, he… He forgot something. I will be back in an hour or so or even better why don’t you call Rhys and ask him to come. Ok, bye.”

She stood there watching him disappear on the lift, wondering if he had seen her advance and softly let her down, or if he was so excited to meet Ianto that did not even notice. She put her jacket down and reached for her phone.


Author’s Note: I know, is short but in me defense this popped in my head after seeing a commercial while, I was working on another story but there was no room for it there.

Nov. 2nd, 2010

ianto leaving

Blessed Love

Disclaimer: Not mine… As always…


Blessed Love

I was walking down the streets soaked in oblivion. Going through the parks full with ghosts and fallen angels. There was without light, no sun, no sense. I was dying. I was flying over the sea with broken wings. Oh, my love you came into my life and I healed the wounds. Oh, my love you are my moon, you are my sunshine, are my daily bread…

“Would you take me to the moon?” –The sudden question left Jack frozen not knowing what to say. He looked all over for his best reassuring smile.

“Well… we will have to see…” –Blue eyes went big with expectation, containing a smile. –“How is school going? I have meeting with your teacher tomorrow.” –That was his best way to avoid the previous question.

“Mom said you can take me to the moon for my birthday…” –The question again not letting go so easily.

“For your birthday… I see what a clever mom you have…” –He took her inn with a softer smile. –“When is your birthday anyway.”

“In three weeks…” –The smile had gone from her face and now was resembling the face of her mom made when pissed off. –“You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

“Of course not… Is just now I would have to arrange, since you want to go to the moon I would have to start building a rocket ship. You think it would fit on the backyard.” –The look of disappointment had not left her face yet; it was now disappearing little by little. Jack took seat next to her on the bed.

“Nooh…” –Huge smile went back to her face.

“The park?” –He afford

“Someone would steal it.” –She said about to sit down.

“See more plans to make then…” –He got up and headed for the door.

“Mom said you would say no…” -blanket on top of her ears almost covering her face, but he could see her shy blue eyes just like her mothers.

“So you asked your mom first…” –She nodded in affirmation. –“Clever girl.” –He went back to her bed and posted a kiss on her forehead. –“Now go to sleep would go through the details tomorrow…”

He got out closing the door leaving the night light on. He went in to his room softly removing the blankets from the bed trying not to disturb the other lying there. He took off his shirt leaving only the pants it was cold after all.

“What took you so long?” –said the other as soon as he enter the bed.

“She wants to go to the moon.” -He said embracing the other figure in order to get warm faster.

“Aha, I see.”

“Who gave her this idea…? And more important why do I get to answer her crazy questions?” –He said burying his nose in the chest of the other.

“Would you rather be called Mom?” –Said Ianto allowing Jack to laugh softer on his chest.


Note: Sorry about the mistakes, it is non beta… Just a short drabble in order to get homework started.

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Oct. 30th, 2010

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(no subject)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, but what I do own is some Reese’s P. B cup want one?


Weekend Off

Boys and girls of every age, would not you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see this, our town of Halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night. This is Halloween, everybody make a scene. Trick or treat, till the neighbors going to die of fright. It is our town, everybody scream. In this town of Halloween

Jack stood on his office holding himself in the most proper manner he could manage. Ianto was standing across his desk, looking at him in a very much annoyed way. The request had been simple he wanted next Sunday off but for some reason Jack keep making it difficult.

“I do not know why it is so annoying about me wanting to know why you need the day off.” –Jack said in a mocking way.

“Like I said before, it’s personal! If you cannot give me the day off then I would have to leave before three.” –Ianto responded trying to keep his annoyance from showing in his voice.

“Yes I understand that but like I have told you before, I cannot be sure if we are going to need you or no.” –Jack seriously had started to sound like a spoiled child not getting his way. He turned his attention to the paperwork in a way to see if Ianto would take the hint and leave.

“Last week when Rhys suddenly asked Gwen out to dinner, you let her go even thou we had a mission that turned out to be pretty dangerous.” –Ianto spat again hiding his now rising anger. –“We were short one person but you did not even consider the option of calling her.”

“Ianto…” –He started to say.

“Wait I am not done. Two weeks ago, Toshiko and Owen got the whole afternoon off. On Thursday, and you know that Thursday is paperwork day, still when you asked me to go with you to check the rift activity outside Cardiff I did not turn you down. Why cannot I have a freaking day off?” –His face was now flushed with anger and his tone was dangerous high.

“You know what Ianto? We do ask too much from you. –He said in a mocking way that Ianto was not appreciating. Jack had got up in order to make his appearance even more dangerous. –“Why don’t you take Saturday off too?”

“I just need Sunday…” –He tried to keep his voice calm since he knew better than fighting against the Captain.

“I said take it too… I do not need you for the weekend.” –And with that, the Captain got up and walked out of his office like a petulant child, leaving the paperwork and Ianto behind.

“I hope you fall and break your neck. See if you need me then.” –He let a breath out that he did not know when he had started to hold. –“Fine I will catch up on my sleep anyway.”

He got out of the office and bump in to Toshiko who had just happened to be walking by, she gave him her look that said, “It’s everything alright.” He just regarded her with a soft smile. By the time he was done with his chores, the Captain had not come back. He had called for pizza and they had eaten just making small chat, but trying to avoid the fact that they have all heard the discussion and the Captain was nowhere to be seen since three hours ago. He finished cleaning, went up to Jacks office to organize it in hope of seeing him before leaving, but to his disappointment he was done before the other showed up. Toshiko was waiting for him in the tourist office.

“You offered to take me home. This morning.” – She said apologetic.

“Yes I did not forget, let me just closed up and we are leaving.” –Trying his best to avoid the question he knew was coming.

“Why is he mad? This time.” –She leaned against the wall, she most of the time Ianto had to keep up with her crossing his border of confidentiality, still he had never said anything bad about to her. –“You told him about your day didn’t you?”

“One lousy day… I ask for. And he cannot give it to me without asking what for!” –Toshiko saw the anger of Ianto raise, and for once she did not had the neutral Ianto, but a totally pissed off one on front of her. –“It is pointless, he acts like the world revolves around him, sometimes I think I am the one who had leave centuries and not him. Shall we go?”

“Don’t worry, he will call you at night and apologize. You will see!” –She took his arm and walked off with him. –“So you did got the day?”

“I got Saturday too…” –He said turning on his car.

“Wow, he was pissed.”

“Tell me about it.”

He got home, took a shower, and drank some tea before going to bed. He put the phone next to his pillow. He did fall asleep but internally he hoped Jack would wake him up with a call. First thing in the morning, he checked the phone, no calls. He could not help but feel annoy by it. Maybe Jack got home more lately than he thought and did not want to wake him up. It was seven in the morning and since he had a day off, went back to sleep, thinking on getting up before nine. He woke up at eleven, he was tired after all, he looked at the phone again thinking that now maybe something was wrong with it and the calls were not going trough. He got of the bed, went to the kitchen put water to boiled, and dialed his phone from his home phone, the thing rang pretty loud, so it was not broken, now he felt silly and mad at Jack for not calling. He left the phone in the counter, made his coffee, and walked in his living room throwing himself on the couch.

He was now sitting down in his kitchen table eating dinner, Jack had not called, and according to Toshiko who had called earlier, Jack had not been in a good mod all day. His nephew had called too, to make sure if he was going to be able to pick them up and go tricky treating. That had been the whole point of asking for Sunday off, but Jack had reacted in such a petulant way, that Ianto did not feel like telling him the reason. He was one of the team now, and just like any other, he could too ask for a day off if he feel like. Let’s face it, his last day off had been when he got suspension because of Lisa. After that horrible mess he had drown himself on work, and now with Jack on his back almost all the time it was like he was never out of the job. Gwen on the other hand just had to receive a call and then she would announce that she was taken the next day off. On top of that, and this was what most bother him was that Jack seem to be alright with her doing whatever she wanted, but if he dare to ask for single afternoon off  Jack was suddenly all over him, questioning him, wanting to know why he needed the day. Toshiko had said that maybe Jack was jealous, but Ianto knew that was impossible, to Jack he meant nothing just a comfortable shag and even that he could get anywhere. His phone alarm started to bip. He finished eating in a hurry then left for the dry cleaners to get his costume.

Sunday came and still no sign of Jack, he was no sitting in living room at his sister’s, watching his brother in law yell at the TV. The kids had not been ready and she had tricked him into having lunch with them. His brother in law had not missed this opportunity to make fun at him. Mischa had gotten upset when he had not turned up dress as Dumbledore or Snape like she had suggested. The kids finally came out, a beautiful fairy, and he could not help but wonder if she knew their true form would she still have pick that costume. His nephew was a Jedi, sword and everything.

“You make a good pirate, Ian.” –Said his sister while fixing his hat. He had seriously considered going as James Bond, but then his brother in law would have a laugh at his expense.

“I seriously though you were going to show up here dress as Robin Hood, stockings and everything!” –His brother in law spat not once taken his eyes out of the Tele.

“Oh stop it! You said you were going to behave!” –His sister retoured regarding her husband with a mean look. –“Now listen you two. No later than nine, no candy until tomorrow after breakfast, and listen to your Uncle whatever he says goes.”

“Yes mom.”-Said both children at unison. –“Come on uncle Ianto or the houses are going to run of the good candy.”

He had to run after them, running after weevils he could do it anytime, but running after children, now that was a work out. Never on his life, four hours had passed so slow. After dropping the children and declined the invitation of staying the night with his sister he got home wondering how on earth could pirates survived in these boots. He found a familiar face waiting for him at his door.

“Who are you supposed to be?” –While opening the door.

“Jealous lover.” –Jack answer with a smile on his face. –“Nice hat!”

“Thank you, Tea or coffee?” –He walked in to his kitchen.

“Your feet must hurt from all that walking.” –Said Jack wearing his official charming smile.

“A bit, you were spying on me weren’t you?” –While handing him his Tea.

“Why did you not tell me you wanted to spend Halloween with your family.”

“I said I needed a personal day that should have been enough.” –He sat on the sofa and took of his boots. –“Or am I wrong?”

“No, I was an ass.” –He made his best face of “I learned my lesson don’t punish me no more” –“What you doing?”

“Taking off my costume… It itches!” –Said Ianto while beginning to unbutton his Jacket.

“Let me! It’s been long since I’ve undress a pirate!”

“Arg.” – Said Ianto rolling his eyes, trying hard to contain his laughter.



Authors Note: Ok, that was my attempt to write for  the holidays. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you…



Oct. 10th, 2010

ianto leaving

Nothing Left Behind...

Disclaimer: Not mine… Based on the song Lady Blue of Enrique Bunbury. Set sometime on the future after COE.

Nothing Left Behind…

Today I am going to start. Today is the beginning of the end…

He was resting on bed; the drapes were open, finding himself staring at the space without interest, just to kill time, and most of all to avoid sleeping, which he had prohibited himself to do so long time ago. His sanity was a stake, so no more sleeping for him. The ship started to struggle and now lights were all over the dark space, asteroids he thought. The crew was now alive, and to his disappointment, there was no more silence, he could hear some of them yelling orders, other trying to calm each other. Just for a second he could have sworn he heard Gwen’s voice, but that was impossible. She was probably at home safe with Rhys or holding her baby. He then remember last time he seen her. She begged him not to go, she could not understand, he tried to explain but at the end she still could not get it. There were too many deaths on his list to stay on earth and start again.

Everything is meaningless. Nothing is more worrisome. And space is a place so empty without you…

When John found out what happened he offered to accompany him. They were both alone now, and at one time, they had been great together. He had refused. He did not wanted any one by his side, but one and that was impossible now. In a split of a second he had finally understand the true meaning of the word love, and is not what everybody thinks it is. That day, at that moment he had been willing to give up everything, to sacrifice anyone, not to lose him, but life has karma and it collects his fare when you least expect it, when you have less to give. There had been others besides John, others how thought they could save him, others who took pity on him. He did not want their pity or concern he had giving up wanting. It was just a hopeless thing.

You would not see again the sad looking kid who would stare at the sky…

In one of many of the cases Torchwood had work on, there was one about an organism on the shape of gas, which feed itself on orgasmic climax. At the end of the case the organism had died and he had pronounce the words that were now stomping inside his head like a prophecy, “Travel half way across the universe for the greatest sex, and you still end up dying alone.” He had forgotten them the minute after only to remember them when holding dying Ianto on his arms. Then he noticed how late it was. If he had just… Then he smiled and an escaping tear rolled down his face with him noticing. “Woulda, coulda, shoulda.” Those words are meaningless once the action had been perform, Ianto had explained it to him one of those time when he tried to apologize, and the young man was too hurt to forgave him. Ianto, everyday he tried hard to forget him and everyday something happened that would make him remember the young Welshman. The smell of coffee, the pronunciation of a word, the color red, small thing now full of meaning. Ianto was his big reason to avoid sleeping, if he slept, he would dream. If he dreamed, he would dream with Ianto, his smile, his soft hands, his deep blue eyes. And he just wanted to forget and die once for all, so the suffering would stop, so he could be with Ianto.

Loneliness is such an empty place without you…Without control, without direction… The light is gone, where am I going?

Now he was just wondering around, without staying in one place too long. In a way, he had become like the Doctor now jumping from one place to another, avoiding earth most of the time. He wanted it to end, he wanted to be able to rest, but he did not know when that would be possible, that made the wait endless. There was a moment of calm outside, only to be follow by more yelling, someone knock at his door saying something about an asteroid rain, evacuation of the ship and that if he wanted to get out alive he had to move now. He did not answer, too tired to plan another great escapade, maybe this time he would get it right and finally die, maybe he was asking for too much. Ianto had told him that in a thousand years Jack would not remember him, Jack had proven it impossible. How could he  forget he did not told Ianto, he love him; that the last time they talked they fought; that he had failed to revive him, and that every day he had to suppress the need of taking out his vortex manipulator and go back in time, grab Ianto and keep him forever. He looked at it, now sitting by his side on the bed, he had fixed long ago, and one day when he could not help himself, he had gone back, his last trip to earth.

He stood there in front of Ianto’s flat one early morning waiting for him, at the beginning he had just wanted to see him, but the passing time he had begun to consider kidnapping. He saw him get out, and his heart jumped, he could not move, he hesitated and then when courage had finally gathered on his body again, there was an SUV between them. He saw Ianto get in it, smile, and kiss the conductor. Never on his life had he felt so much envy of himself. He had become a green monster of envy towards the Jack of the past who unlike him could have Ianto any time, and did not know how precious their time was. He decided to retire and let life take his course, without Ianto by his side.

Since today do not be afraid of nothing, there is no need any more…Everything left with the hurricane… Nothing remains of the turns that time gave us…

Only silence remains again, soft echoes on the distant. He gets up, without taking his eyes of the window, so beautiful outside. They would probably crash in to the next planet or rock. Not really caring anymore, closes the drapes and goes back to bed. A deep breath, eyes closed, finally sleep welcomes him with a smile he so deeply knows by heart, he could see him now waiting for him.


Notes: I lost my heart over this… It’s unbeta so please forgive me for the mistakes… Thanks for taking the time and reading it.

Sep. 25th, 2010

ianto leaving

(no subject)

Disclaimer: Still not mine




Lately I am Falling for…You.

One minute more, a thousand years. It is all the same to me because I am incomplete and I need you more with every breath I breathe. I try to let you know, but my words get tangled up. And every time I find that, I am outside looking in. I cannot let this moment go. When you are the only one that makes me feel the way I feel inside. I do not want to live a day without you. I just want to be the one that makes you happy.

He could not help but to throw himself on top of the bed, his body was screaming for it; too tired to take a shower. He removed his shoes with his feet as the socks soon followed. His jacket had been the first thing to hit the floor as soon as he entered his flat. In any other occasion, he would have been more careful to place it on a hanger. However, tonight he was too tired to bother; his head was beginning to trove in pain, and who was to blame for it for the first time in months? At least this time it wasn’t Jack doing. Oh wait yes he was. He had put Owen in charge of coffee, who does that? Seriously, if he wanted them awake he should just order coffee from the Café down the street. He laid on bed thinking on what Owen had said to him. Jack and he, was it really like that, was he going on missions just because he was shagging Jack, or was it really because Jack saw potential in him.

At the beginning when jack left, he had to become a field agent because they need another hand even if Owen liked it or not. However, now jack was back there was no actual need of Ianto going on missions he could just stay back and do his regular job. Yet, Jack kept putting him on missions, going weevil hunting with him, making him feel more part of the team and less like an assistant or a maid. Yes, his sexual life was not all that, more like zero to nada, before Jack, but still who named Owen judge on that kind of matters. It was not like if there was a rule that says you have to tell your coworkers, friends, and family every time you are getting laid at least not according to Ianto. He turned left and his head gave him a reminder that it was still there, although it felt like it could suddenly fall off.

He allowed his body to fall asleep trying his best to ignore the pounding that seemed to echo in his head. He was awaken by a slow buzzing, somewhere on the room. He got up only to find his phone dancing on the floor, thank God, he had bought the screen protector, or else it would have nice marks on it by now. He sat on the bed phone in hand trying to focus on the screen wondering who the hell had the courage to wake him up after only five minutes of sleeping, well actually four hours of sleep, which was showing three missed calls all from Toshiko. After passing a hand through his hair, he dialed back.

“Tosh is something wrong.” -He spoke low in to the microphone. Still not fully awake he could not help but to sound grouchy

“Ohm, no… No! Is just that I was passing by… And I thought of given you a call.” –her voice sounded nervous. “Have you eaten yet? I bought croissants; from the café you like…”

“Ohm no, just woke up…”- Huge yawn got in the way. –“Give a second I will open the door… You are outside right?” –He did not even wait for a response as he hung up the phone, and looked for his pajama pants and a shirt.

“You sure I am not interrupting anything…” –She said while walking in, giving a quick look around not wanting to be surprised by a naked Jack all of the sudden.

“Nope... Let me just take a shower. There is the remote if you want to watch some Tele, I’ll be back in a minute!” –Having said that, Ianto disappeared to the bathroom leaving Tosh in the middle of the living room.

She sat there looking around, for a guy, Ianto was very neat, and someone could almost say he was raised by Japanese. Everything was in a proper order that only make the small flat look a lot bigger. The smell of coffee lingered in the air. He got out quickly towel still on his head; he wore a shirt, and jeans and no shoes.

“So, what brings you here?” –He said from the kitchen, while starting to make coffee.

“I was lonely…Pathetic much huh?” – She said with a hint of regret.

“Love makes us pathetic…” –He gave her a cup of warm coffee. –“What did he do to you this time?”

“Nothing, you would think I would have got used to being ignored by now…” –Ianto took seat in front of her. –“Well think again.”

“And you think talking about it is going to help?” –She gave him a sad smile. –“What do you want me to say? You want me to say that if you stay like this with time everything would be fine or that you should walk away of this situation? I am the wrong person to give advice in relationships!” –He took a sip of his coffee.

“Well… You and Jack…”

“Me and Jack… -He gave a tired sigh –“You are second person that reminds me of that. You know, most of time there is no Jack and me, if any of you have not noticed. The word complicated does not even begin to cover it. He could be so tender sometimes and makes me hope that there is something more and right when I feel comfortable of my feelings he pushes me out of the window. How can you call that a relationship, is more a mix of masochism and pretend love. Convenience is more likely. He is lonely, I am lonely, let us be lonely together and have amazing sex while we are at it. At least with Owen, he tells you straight.”

“That does not mean it doesn’t hurt.” –putting her eyes in the floor. –“I feel stupid I know he does not even like me and yet I kept harboring hopes that maybe someday he is going to realize I am there.”

“Welcome to my world…”

“Is different at least you get to have Jack from time to time.”

“Oh yeah, different bordering in masochism is more likely.” –He gave a deep sigh –“I know there is no future for us, and yet I keep walking by his side without question. I know he does not love me and yet every night I go to bed hoping the next day is going to be different. Pathetic much, oh yeah, but still I won’t change a thing.”

“Most of the time I envy Gwen she has Rhys, who for some reason loves her. Do you know she ask me to be one of her maids.” –she said in a cheerful way changing the mood of the conversation, which made Ianto smile. –“I am gonna have to buy a bloody dress, only to not wear it ever again.”

“Hey, pass me the purchasing receipt, maybe I can squeeze it on the invoices without Jack noticing.” –stealing a big smile from Toshiko’s face.

“What is that noise?” –she said perking her head up all the sudden.

“Speaking of the devil…” –the phone rang for a second time o top of the kitchen table, but Ianto did not seem in a hurry to get it.

“Well aren’t you going answer.” –she gave him a wicked smile.

“Nope, it’s my day off after all… Being alone for a day is not going to kill him unless he commits suicide.” –The phone went silent and then it rang the voicemail ringtone.

“Ok, so…Playing hard to get aren’t we? At least for a day… So you want to go eat lunch?”

“I thought we just had breakfast?”

“And… Hello depress woman over here!” –She said almost laughing –“I should be overstuffing myself with food. Croissants are not going to do it.”

“In that case, I guess I have to give my moral support”

“Let’s go to a bar…” –She almost yelled the last part since he had finally got up and got to his room to find a jacket.

“Is three in the afternoon…” –he yell back from the room.

“Well drink Long Island tea then.” –Toshiko replied with a smile

He got home, only to be welcome by total silence. Deep down he was wishing to find Jack waiting at his door. However, reality always turned against him. In part, he had to accept it had been his fault he had ignored all Jack’s calls since he was out with Toshiko. He did feel guilty for it, but a voice back in his conscience kept telling him he should get a grip and that it was no rule that said he had to answer every single time Jack felt like calling. So he ignored the calls, and flushed his disappointment down the toilet. He decided to take a shower since his hair smell like cigarettes, a buzzing on his pants made him jump in surprise.

“Hello…” –He spoke low in the microphone like a child waiting for punishment.

“You are finally home… How did your day go?” –The voice on the other side sounded severe.

“It went fine…” –Ianto sat in the toilet seat, knowing this was far from good. –“You called to ask how my day went? You were here, weren’t you?”

“So… I called you… You did not answer… You looked really tired yesterday, so I thought maybe you fainted while taking a shower.” –The voice had change now it sounded more like a kid throwing a tantrum. Ianto bit his lip in order not to laugh at him. –“I waited there almost for two hours thinking maybe you went to the market.”

“Well…Sorry you have to wait on me…” –Ianto rolled his eyes while Jack gave a deep sigh. –“Was that it?”

“What do you mean "WAS THAT IT" I was worried!” –again the little kid made his appearance

“I said I was sorry…” –Said Ianto in the most neutral tone he could manage. –“What else do you want me to do?”

“Well aren’t you going to invite me in?” –Ianto could almost see the huge grin on Jack’s face.


“Are you even alone…or…” –The kid was now kicking and screaming.

“No Jack, I brought home a hot date…” –He could not hide the exasperation on his voice-“And you?”

“Of course I am alone…”

“Well then it sucks to be you… Good night Jack.”

“Can we at least have breakfast tomorrow…” –His voice sounded more calm

“You realize I will have to get up at seven to do so…” –He gave a deeper sigh looking at the wall clock.

“Would you?” –He could almost see it big blue puppy eyes staring at him.

“Yes… Good night.”

“Good night Ian… See you tomorrow.” –Jack hung up first. Ianto stood sitting on the bathroom smiling at the phone like a silly kid who just realized that the next day was his birthday.


Authors Note: Well there it is finally out of my system… Thanks for taking the time and read all this nonsense that goes through my head

Aug. 31st, 2010

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If I Lose you Tonight...

Disclaimer: I will not lose my faith… Someday I may buy them on EBay…




My Beloved Monster…

My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together. Wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves. Gets us through all kinds of weather. My beloved monster is tough if he wants he will destroy you. He will always be the only thing. That comes between me and the awful sting. That comes from living in a world. That is so damn mean.

“You had us worried not knowing where you went.” Said Ianto softly, taking seat on Jacks desk. –“How did you find the glove.”

“I am sorry.” –Said Jack removing his face from his hands, he could not hide the sadness on his eyes. -“You are not accusing me?”

“About what?” –Ianto kept his voice neutral, but softened his gaze.

“Bringing Owen back…” –he avoided Ianto’s gaze and his eyes went for the floor. –“Everybody is! They won’t say anything but they are.”

“You had your reasons, and I bet it was not just because of the alarm code, was it?” –He took one of Jacks hand in his to get his attention. –“I respect that, and so will everybody. Just give them time to process.”

“You think so…” -Finally, he looked at him, like a scared child waiting for punishment. –“I am selfish. I just thought of myself.”

“Did you? You new Owen was not ready to go and neither were we.” –Seconds of pure silence, while Jack stared at him in disbelief. –“Yes, you were selfish but tell me, who isn’t… Was not I selfish when I rescued Lisa, when I kept her down here not thinking on the consequences. And even more for not telling a soul about it, and yet you forgave me.” –He said with a sad smile. –“Love make us selfish, I know you loved Owen, and I am sure you did it because of that.” –He reached and posted a kiss on Jack’s temple. –“Come on drink your coffee it would make you feel better.” –Jack took a sip, and suddenly the flavor hit him like soft blanket of comfort, he lean down and rested his head against Ianto’s legs allowing the young man to caress his hair. –“I take that the coffee is good!” –He suddenly remembered for the last hours Ianto had him drinking black ink. He looked up to find Ianto smiling at him, even though seeing Ianto smiling gave him comfort, Jack had grown afraid of seeing Ianto smiling in the most uncommon situations. He had learn the hard way that his smiles could only mean two things he was either really pissed off at someone, which most of the times was Jack, or he was about to do something evil.

“It’s good… Should I be worried?” –About to put the cup down, only to be caught by another smile from Ianto. –“Ianto?”

“Nothing to worry about… Is just that I am trying this new brew I found on the coffee store…” –Jack kept staring at him not actually believing a word… Another reassuring simile from Ianto. -“Is not ink if that’s what you’re thinking.” –He grabbed the cup and took a sip out of it. –“You from all people should know by now that I don’t use the same trick twice.” –He put the cup down on the desk and turned around. –“I’ll go make sure everybody is alright. And I’ll get the first Aid kit to clean that wound on your head.” –For once taking notice of Jack’s wound on the left side of his head. – “how many did you fight?’

“A lot and I did not have time to do a head counting.” –He tried to smile while Ianto checked the wound.

“Is really a nasty one. It would have left a mark for sure… If you actually got marks” –He grabbed his handkerchief and started to wipe the blood from the now closing wound.

“They will close eventually you know.” –Regarding him with one of the famous Captain Jack’s grins. –“I am sorry Mister Jones, were you just proposing a Doctor game? Cuz in that case I think my blood pressure just went up would you mind checking it.” –He saw Ianto rolled his eyes. As a man of instincts ruled by his famous pheromones, the fact that Ianto was so near, and also that they almost did it in the office just hours before was not helping Jack in any way. He could see the tiredness was written on Ianto’s body. Ianto’s body on his desk, naked and moaning beneath him…Oh yeah, definitely a thing to look forward once this bloody day was over.

“Jack…You spacing out on me.” –Ianto said to regain Jacks attention. –“You have better not be thinking anything naughty because I am really not in…” –Jack tried in vain to hide his look of disappointment. –“I am sorry is just that I am really tired.”

“I thought I had made clear we would do it when we both feel like it.” –Getting up and planting a hot kiss on his lover lips, which only left the other one gasping for air and wanting more. –“Unless you let me do you while you’re sleeping, I guess would just have to postpone it.”

“You are sick you know that?” –Between laughs, Ianto wander if some day he would have to get a spray bottle to get Jack from jumping his bones. –“Drink your coffee…Oh and I suggest at least you change your clothes, I‘ll take them to the cleaners later.” -He turned by the door with a wicked simile. –“About the requested you made to Martha, when I was in middle school they made us wear a cap as part of the uniform, and just to let you know…I made it look good.”

Almost spitting his coffee as he was about to take a drink, Jack saw Ianto wink at him as he finally left. He could not help but smile, with all the kinky ideas that were now roaming around in his head, he took a mental note of asking Toshiko to get pictures of Ianto while in middle school, and then make Martha give him a Unit cap even if it meant he had to beg for it. He took another sip of coffee, it was actually good bold with a strong aroma it could possible wake up a corpse in the morning, yet it was Ianto’s coffee, nothing but the best was expected. He realized then that the anxiety he had felt was no longer there. Jack headed for his room, and grabbed a change of clothes, after hours of no sleep the bed for once looked so inviting. He made another note, sleeping later on with Ianto was even better. He came up and looked at his desk there was much to do, there were piles of paperwork, he had to called Unit and request an extension for Martha’s visit. Moreover, he had to figure out what was he going to do about Owen’s new condition. He was about to sink himself in paperwork when Martha screamed.



Author’s Note: I know is short, but in my defense I do have a heart…Unlike others (wags finger at RTD) and it was hard to kill Owen, even though he is a zombie now.

Aug. 8th, 2010

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If I Lose you Tonight...

Disclaimer: Do not own…But maybe someday…


 Is Complicated… (We Dabble.)

Love changes everything: Days are longer, words mean more, brings you glory, brings you shame. Nothing in the world will ever be the same. Makes fool’s of everyone. All the rules we make are broken. Love changes everything: Now I tremble at your name.


“These are the new credentials for Martha, Sir. I thought you may want to check them before going on with the plan.” –Said Ianto getting Jack’s attention, while setting some papers and a small Ziploc bag on the Captains table. Turning around, trying to make his leave.

“Are you for some reason mad at me, Ianto?” Taking the bag into his hands, he barely even looked at it; as he kept his attention only on Ianto.

“Whatever made you think that?” –Still not turning around to face Jack. For he had always had found it rather difficult to lie straight to Jack’s face and Jack knew this but he had never said an anything.

“Well for one, that thing you have me drinking… I am not sure what it is but definitely is not coffee.” He put the box back on his table still not open. –“Is this because of what happened earlier on the lab?”

“I do not know what you are talking about.” –Yes, the flying cookies had a lot to do with it, but that was only the beginning. He heard Toshiko call his name and thought it was the perfect opportunity for an escape.

“Ianto… Don’t ignore me!” –Seeing the young man about to walk out of him.

Like you do?” –Ianto wanted to shout, but instead he took a deep breath and saved all in as always. –“I am not ignoring you Sir; I am jus in a bit of hurry. What should I order for dinner?” He gave him one of his best smiles, the one that say, “You should not trust me with your food, believe me.”

“I don’t know… I am standard anything would be fine. Ask the others.” –Said Jack now, for once paying attention to the credentials in his hands. Ianto was heading for the door, again. –“You know what? I want chicken!”

“What kind of chicken?” –Ianto gave a sigh, and rolled his eyes up. –“Fried, roasted, noodles, my liver on a plate…” –He mumble the last part turning around only to find Jack standing right there in front of his face holding a wicked smile; a smile that held so much promise.

“What about the type that runs every time he gets mad at me” –Jack got very near Ianto’s lips not actually placing a kiss on them; but slightly rubbing them agents his own.

“Jack… There… There are people in the hub…” –Jack tongue was now tracing a wet pattern along Ianto’s jaw line, slowly heading south.

“And…” –The words were purred in his ear, making his skin hot, and his clothes way to uncomfortable.-“Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to call them in?” –Ianto’s back hit the wall not actually sure when he had move. Jack’s right hand was fiddling with his tie. His left hand was… Well, let’s just say Ianto had growing concern about where Jack’s hand was.

“No,” –He could not help but moan the words; Jack’s left hand had found his way inside his zipper.

“No I don’t stop or no I don’t call them in?” –Tie was off, now his hand was going for the first button of that red shirt that looked so good on Ianto, but looked even better on the floor.

“Jack…” -he could not help but quake with need -“don’t... We… Ahh… I have work to do…” -Rocking against Jack’s hand, trying so hard not to be aware of where he was; as he over and over again told himself that this was defiantly not the time to be overcome by Jacks passion; a passion he could easily drown himself in.

“Well Mister Jones, you should have thought about that before coming into my office to seduce me…” –He bite down Ianto’s chest. –“Now, about my question why are you mad at me? Is it because of what happened with Owen?”

“Jack…” – Ianto was rather desperate on trying to get a hold of Jacks lips; for enough words had already been wasted.

“Ianto” –Jack painlessly to Ianto’s own restlessness began to remove his eager lovers’ belt -“Well?” – Jack gave him a questioning smile as he caressing him with both hands, making Ianto shudder with need.

“Yeah… you laughed at… me” – He pulled Jack to him trying to give him a kiss, finally giving in.

“I knew it!” –Separating and taking two steps back to look at his masterpiece, a very hot Ianto.-“And you had me drinking coffee with soap water all day as a punishment. Didn’t you?”

“It was not soap water!” –Trying to put himself back together, while desperately fixing his clothes. –“It was black ink.”

“You made me drink ink. Oh, you so going to paying for this” –Ianto gave him a disbelief look. –“This was just to get the information I needed.” Jack pointed to one of Ianto’s button; which Ianto fixed immediately.

“Fine…” –He walked out of the room.

He walked into the Autopsy room with Martha trying not to look hot and bother. He was starting to believe he had made it through when she suddenly told him Jack had asked her for a Unit cap for him. He looked at her in disbelief almost not understanding the question. He gave a quick review of it deciding to get out of it in most casual way possible.

“Did he? Well red is my color!” –Running up the stairs in order not to let her see the blush was crawling up to his face.

“Well am I right on thinking you guys…” –She winked, for God sake she winked that was not helping. He took two more steps thinking on what was the appropriate answer.

“We… Dabble…” -What else was he supposed to call it. They were not a couple; Jack had made it clear over and over again. She looked at him even more curios, the same face Toshiko had made when she found out.

“Yeah?” –He could not help but smile, he thought her reaction would have been a bit more like Gwen’s, due to her history with Jack, but no she looked actually happy about them.

“Yeah…” –He answer softly, waiting for her reaction.

“What is this dabbling like?” –Damn Martha wanting to know everything just like Tosh, and yet he had no answers, it was just too complicated to explain, it could easily keep him awake all night and still he will not be able to come with an answer that would not made her get an instant nose bleed.

“Innovative!” –She raised her brow and looked even more interested, -“Bordering in the Avant Garde!”

“Yeah?” –She gave him a coy smile, that said please due explain.

“Oh yeah…”- More to himself than other, images starting playing on his head of the so many times that border line had been crossed by the two of them over and over again. The first time it happened he thought it would be a onetime fling; just to get him out of his system, but for some reason Jack kept coming back for more, and he was in no position to deny himself such pleasure. When Jack left, he thought it was actually over, and it was fine at least since Jack was nowhere to be found he did not have to deal with him on a daily basis. That is why he had told Gwen they were just doing it for fun, no commitment, and no strings, so far meaningless. What made it different now? The question got him out of his stupor. He turned to see Martha still standing there waiting for him with a smile on her face as she had just seen all dirty images that played on his head. –“So should we get your cover story solve then?” –Even though just the idea of going into Jack’s office terrified him.


“Jack…” –He waited at the door, relief that at lease unlike earlier the crew was nearby so hopeful the Captain would try another of his shenanigans. –“Are you done revising the credentials?”

“Yeap.” –He got up and approached Ianto with the calm of lion looking at his prey, but before he could do anything Martha and Toshiko entered followed by Owen. -“We still need to talk.” –He whisper on Ianto ear before anybody could noticed.”

Ianto just nodded, took deep breath, and grab the credentials from the Captain allowing his fingers to linger just for a few seconds on Jack’s. He had set his path there was no point on going back now.

Author Note: Sorry it took so long! -Bows head shameful. -Hope you enjoyed it.

Jul. 24th, 2010

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If I Lose you Tonight...

Disclaimer: Not mine, but that will not keep me from dreaming.



Quarter after One…

Reaching for the phone, because I cannot fight it anymore. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me it happens all the time. Said I would not call but I lost all control and… Guess I would rather hurt than feel nothing at all. And I do not know how I can do without. I just need you now


How can you miss two days, one thing is to lose an hour or two while doing nothing, but unable to recall forty-eight hours was more serious. No one seem to know what happened it had been a Monday the last time he remember waking up and then suddenly was Thursday morning. The whole team woke up in the Hub, unable to remember how they got there that particular morning; it was just like they slept there apparently. Everyone seems to be tired and not in a good mode.

For some reason the Hub was a mess just like any other day, the pets have been feed according to schedule that was weird, since Ianto was the only one in charge of it, and no one else ever have offer to do so, not even jack. He had finished cleaning the vaults and was heading up with coffee in hand.

After denying, he had bought Toshiko flowers which caused Owen to leave first. Gwen followed him shortly after saying that she needed to see if Rhys was all right. Tosh stayed to check further in the computer trying to find out what the hell was going on. Jack goes in to his office; Ianto was debating on going home. For some reason he was tired, his eyes were puffy and red as if he had been crying all night, and a massive headache was starting to pulse in the back of his head. He was leaving to check in the archives, when he heard Jack calling him.

“Did you ah…call?” –Ianto said not really sure if he should go in to the office, Jack seem occupied with a weird artifact.

“Found your diary.” –He waved the notebook at Ianto, with a wicked smile on his face.

“Ah, yes…I have been looking for that.” –He grabbed the book and started walking away, while thinking “maybe if I don’t linger Jack will not attempt anything”

“And for the record, measuring tapes never lie.” –There it was the impersonation of pure evil, named Jack. Even if he had not read it, he just took a quick peek into it when it had suddenly fall open on the floor, he knew that comment had caused more damage than a hot kiss in the middle of the conference room with everybody looking. He knew his Ianto, shy to the bone!

“Fuck.” -Ianto mumble while rolling his eyes, he knew that if he said it at loud Jack would have taken it as an invitation, even thou the thought of Jacks hands running down his naked body caused him to quiver he fought back a moan has he quickly made his exit. Yes, he ran out for he knew the Captain far better than what Jack thought, and especially how persistent he could be, for Jack could turn a reluctant no to a howling yes, he blushed at the thought for he seriously doubted that his body could cope Jacks alluring stare at the moment.

After just a while, Ianto started pondering if a pot of fresh coffee was a good idea. There was only Jack whom had not come out of his office and was being very quiet. Toshiko who was still trying to figured out who had mess with the CCTV, all the while trying to probe that the flowers were indeed from Owen. And lastly that had left him who for the first time in months just wanted to go home, take a shower, and lay down. He was about to pour water in to the old coffee maker when he heard Jack asked Toshiko what the hell she was still doing there, and to finally go home. He put the water down and with the full intention of not looking to eager; he went up into the main room.

“You too Ianto, go home.” –Jack said without even looking at him. It did hurt just a bit, knowing that his presence was not required for the rest of the day, but still he knew if he stayed he could not possible give the performance the Captain was looking for.

“If it is all right with you, Sir.” –Then he turned to Toshiko, now wearing his usual “how may I help you” face. –“I will drop you off.”

Toshiko just nodded feeling the tension emanating from Ianto. She looked at Jack but apparently, the Captain was oblivious of the whole situation. She accepted her coat from Ianto’s hands and saw Jack waving good-bye. Ianto had materialized an umbrella from god knows where which was very convenient since it look like it was raining.

“I wonder how Jack can be so blind sometimes…” –Toshiko said looking out at the window.

“Tell me about it…” –She heard Ianto’s answer and it was only then when she realized she had said it at loud. A blush crept to her face, and she dare to take a peek at Ianto’s who kept his eyes on the road not showing any emotion.

“Ianto… I am sorry I did not mean to…”

“Do not worry…” –He gave her a hurt smile, which made her heart sank at the knowing that her friend was hurting. -“I am used to it… Go on, get in, take a warm shower, and rest, it is not like we get a day off very often.”

“Ahh, two days I still do not get it… Do I… Smell?” –She asked before getting complete out of the car.

“Amazingly you don’t…” –He gave her a more sincere smile.-“Me in the other hand…”

“You always smell good Ianto!” –She got out of the car and gave him a kiss on the cheek thru the window. –“Take care, I will see you tomorrow!”

The solitude of his apartment welcome him, as he thought everything was as he remember leaving when he got out to work on Monday. He did not feel like eating for he was too tired, to eat. He got in the shower and half way thru it, his body started screaming to go to bed. Got out of the shower, and went straight to bed, his body welcoming the feeling of a soft bed. He felt a sleep almost instantly. The ringing of a phone woke him up. For a second he thought he was still dreaming, the phone kept ringing it sound it so far away, his brain finally woke up, maybe it was an emergency. He looked for it only to find it on the floor still inside of his pants. He stared at the caller id, as if he did not know the number calling.

“Jack, is everything OK?” –He sat on the bed waiting to hear the worst.

“I woke you up! Did I wake you up?” –Ianto could hear the nervousness in his voice something so unlike Jack.

“Nah, well just a bit… I was gonna get up any way.” –he could not help to yawn. –“What happened is everything Ok?”

“Yeah, yeah! Is just that… Have you eaten yet?” –A short pause from Jack, as if trying to decide exactly what to say.-“Do you wanna go eat somewhere?”

“Jack, have you notice is after one.” –He smile, wondering where was this heading –“I am sure not much is open this late.”

“Well you are hungry or not?” –Still, the hesitation lingered in the voice of the Captain.

Well now I am. I will check my fridge and see what I have here.” –Walking towards the kitchen.

“Ianto…” –The Captain soften his voice.


“Open the door.”

“You want me to tell you what I have on my fridge!” –Ianto stop, looking at the fridge.

“No,” -Jack gave a sigh –“Open the front door, let me in.”

Ianto’s heart stop at the idea, he could not help but run to the door. Oh, if the Captain was playing a trick on him he was going to pay. He tried to regain calm, and then open the door.

“What the devil are doing? Have you been out here all this time?” –Jack just gave him a smile for an answer. –“Well.”

“See I do listen to what you say.” –Getting in while carry a plastic bag with food apparently. -“I called ahead. I bought Thai, got you chicken and noodles, thought it was too late to eat spicy curry.” –Ianto just looked at him in disbelief. –“What?”

“Are you drunk?” –Still not moving from the door.

“No… Why would I be drunk?” –Setting the food on the table. Then he gave a sigh. –“I have to be drunk to want to have dinner with you? Come seat and eat.”

“What if I had told you that I ate already?” –Grabbing his noodles from Jack’s hands.

“Well, there is a homeless guy down the street I think he would appreciated my gesture. Unlike others.” –Said the Captain with a boyish grin, which made Ianto smile. –“Ian… Can I ask you a question?”

“OK, but do not judge me if the answer is no.” –Said Ianto in a playful way.

“Is not that kind of question, and I know by experience you always say yes.” –He lean and gave blushing Ianto a chaste kiss on the cheek. –“When I said I came back for you. You did not believe me did you?” –Ianto just looked at him not really knowing what to say, knowing the answer might spoiled the night. –“Just a simple yes or no, Ian.”

“No…” –He said softly almost inaudible, and he regretted immediately.

“May I ask why?” –Jack pulled Ianto’s chin up so he can look on his eyes.

“I think…Self preservation… You left and it hurt… And then when I least expected you came back like nothing.” –His heart was pounding so loud he was afraid Jack would hear it. He pulls his eyes away turning his attention to his food.

“Aren’t you tired of playing this game?” –Ianto looked at him in an asking way. –“Is like we are playing rope, we both pull until one of us has to let go. Aren’t you tired of pulling?”

“Are you…” –His heart pounded even harder.

“Yeah…Why don’t we both let go, take a break at least for one night.” –Grabbing Ianto’s face to have his whole attention. –“Only for tonight can we be just you and me, Ianto and Jack. Not Captain, no Tea-boy, no Torchwood. Would you let me have normality at least for tonight?"

Jack pulled Ianto in a kiss, digging his hands under the soft material of Ianto’s shirt. The kiss went deeper, Jack looking for comfort in his lover’s arms, and Ianto trying to give as much as he could, that was went Ianto realized he was not allowed to answer not to Jack’s question, and nor did he wanted to.


Author’s Note: I know “IT’S SO FLUFFY”

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